Hello dear readers!!!! 


So,how many of you have insecurities??? 
I guess we everyone have insecurities within ourselves which is nothing but an inner devil.When we will be having inner demons then how is it possible that we will win with the demons present in enormous amount in the world.

It is this thing called insecurity which hampers our confidence,which don't let us to gain the confidence and courage to fight with the world for ourselves.
We all do have insecurities but we all should try to win over them.We all have that fire in us to excel just we need to reach the ignition point where our fire is going to give us the boost up in our life.

I had a lot of insecurities about myself but that insecurities led me no where.What they did was that they made me weak,they made me someone who fear a lot,who don't have confidence and courage.But the day i got that if I want to become something in life i need to fight with all my insecurities and have to win over them,from that day everyday i gain positivity,courage and confidence to speak up,to rise and act in my life.

  For fighting these inner demons named insecurities we first need to respect ourselves,we need to love ourselves,we need to thank god for whatever we have with us today because complaining about something don't solve problems at all.

We need to be with those people,in that environment where there is only positivity and we are loved the way we are,where even if there is criticism it is going to make us a human being having strong character.Someone really true said that your character is what you are and you should never ever leave your character for something or someone.
In the battle between confidence and insecurities we have to make confidence win and then we are surely going to excel in our lives and this world will feel our presence.

We need to have our confidence to speak out louder than our insecurities to win in the game called life which should go on no matter what are the circumstances.

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