Isn't it too easy to say something but it becomes too difficult to do it.
We human beings,the most intelligent and blessed creatures on this mother earth often act is such a way in our real life that don't really matches to our spoken words.Even i guess nowadays we find animals more compassionate than we humans.


Everyday we come across posts on social media and the ideal and perfect human being in all of us wakes up suddenly with a jolt and with we just speak in such an ideal way that we can get everyone moved my our words.But the question is can we all behave the same way as we say.I guess the answer will be a big no in many cases.
Its very easy for some women to say that i don't mind marrying a man who is financially unstable,all i want is his love,care and respect.Now can anyone think of any other words to describe a perfect and ideal example of love between men and women,i guess no right.But the bitter truth is when the actual time comes and these people only run backwards.To be honest if i will be asked the same question my answer will be a big 'NO',ask why??? The answer is short and precise that love,respect and care are not going to feed us nor it is going to give us the comfortable life we want,and i guess when we will be hungry,will not have a comfortable life.Love,respect and care will go out of the window,and that's the truth and i believe truth is always bitter.
Another powerful example of deceiving action is when men say that those men who comment or pass loose comments on women are disgusting many a times they are those men who themselves speak rubbish when a women passes by.When we will ask men that are you going to marry a woman who can't conceive and give birth to your child.Some men become idealist and say why not,we will go for adoption.I will say just one thing to them that when time will come please do it but i guess it's too difficult to implement words into action.
Everyday we come across gruesome rape cases and everyday we come across men saying that men who rape are cowards,but did that brought any change in the number of rapes happening???? The answer is a big 'NO' because we talk more and do less.
If a women is raped always society blame them only and not men but the irony is those people who blame women for every bad thing happened to them are those people who always try to be the idealistic people in front of others by saying that the rapists should be hanged.
We say marks don't matter at all but do we feel good when we get less marks than what we expected??????????
Men say that they will not mind to marry a rape victim or an acid attack victim,but how many men really do have such a golden heart????????
We say women should talk freely about periods but do we women really talk freely on it????
We say that we don't mind having a premarital sex because its our life and we don't care of the society at all,but will we really do it in our real life??????
We say that if the the bra strap of a women is visible,its not at all an issue,but don't we women feel uncomfortable when in reality little portion of our bra strap is visible????
We say that we women will go out fearlessly at night but do we really do that????
We say we are really ok if someone is wearing a dress which is skin showing but do we all really mean it???????
The fact is we all need to ask ourselves all these question because we all need self introspection.Saying something is really easy but doing it is really difficult.Our society will change that day when we all will start doing rather than just giving advises and saying idealistic things.When our actions deceive our words it proves our shallowness and lack of depth we have in us.So let's make our society worth living by taking necessary steps rather than just speaking idealistic things on it.Actions should not deceive words rather they should get matched so that we all can bring necessary changes in our society t make in a worthy one.

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