FINDING LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      FINDING LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey hello everyone out there!!!!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone out there to take out some time to read my blog. 
This write up is dedicated to one of my friends. 

So how many of  you are there trying to find love of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weird question!!!!!!  Isn't it!!!!!!
I guess everyone of us are trying to find someone who we want to tag as our love of life.So how many of you really got it!!!!!! And how many of you are trying to find someone!!!!!
Don't you guys think its such a tedious job trying to find someone whom we want to be as our love of life.
Let me ask you all a very simple question.
How many of you tried to find your bestie?????
No one right!! I guess it was a matter of fact that we had a lot of friends but someone from them became our bestie who is our partner in all the crimes,with whom we laugh,we share our sorrows and joy,we quarrel a lot,we tease and last but not the least we love them a lot.AM I correct??????

I guess none of us tried to impress any of our friends so that he or she will become our bestie.Right???
So why are we guys trying to get someone,trying to impress someone,trying to change ourselves so that the very person is going to like us.I mean common are we the damn showpieces of the shop that he or she is going to see our characteristics and all and then they are going to choose us and then are going to like us and then they will purchase us with the money they have.No right!!!

Why to loose your self esteem,your self respect,your likes and dislikes for someone,if someone will love you then they are going to love you with all your flaws just like they accepted every positive things about you.I see my friends posting pictures on social networking sites with a big caption that "you are the best possible thing happened to me",''you are my life''and what not and after some months the caption and the picture changes to,''I hope i would have never met you'',''I hope i would have never ever loved you'',you are the reason that now i don't believe in love and all.I guess the main reason that the captions which contain enormous amount of love got changed to hatred and the person who once meant the world for you changed to someone you hate the most is because you guys tried to become something  in front of each other which was not you,you were so much into impressing him or her that you forgot your individuality.Every person have an individuality,and that is their USP,why to change it for someone,just because we want them to be with us we try to create a world which is full of lie,and the thing whose foundation is lie,how can we even think that it is going to stand still.

The most important thing is stop finding love in those humans who don't deserve you,see this mother nature which is full of love and truth,which loves you and will never lie to you and will never want you to change.Take out some time to think for those who love you.for those who deserve love but don't get.

I guess everything have a right time,whenever that time that is your time is going to come you are definitely going to get the love of your life,wait for that but first build yourself as a person,create your destiny,prove your worth in front of the whole world then see how your stars get change.
Last but not the least love yourself,embrace all the things god gave you which i guess many on this mother earth don't have. 

Thanks everyone out there to read my blog.If you guys find my blog a worthy one do read it,share it and follow it by clicking the follow button out there.
Thank you everyone once again.


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