Every or the other many of us wake up in the morning with lots of complaints regarding all those things which we don't have.Many of us have the thought in our mind that what are all those things we have and what are all those things we don't have.Even I always have thoughts like these.But the matter of fact is these thoughts leads to nothing but unhappiness in our lives.It's really good that all of us wants to achieve things which we don't have now but day by day this is leading us to become unhappy persons,who are damn unsatisfied with their life.

I feel someone have really true said that acceptance is the key to happiness.More we accept our life and keep moving ahead accepting it more we will be happy in all our lives.
Yes it's absolutely true that many of us don't have all those things which we desire and crave for but always complaints for all those things which we don't have will lead us no where.It will be easy for us to move ahead in our lives and try hard so that we will achieve all those things which we want in our lives if we will try to accept the things we have with us and will begin to appreciate them.

We should always be happy and be thankful to god for whatever we have today with us because there are many who even don't have the privilege to have all those things which we have.

Yes it's true that we want the best to happen in our lives but always having complaints regarding it is not the solution of our problems.

Life is all about living it with acceptance.We all should always try to make best our lives  but happiness is also very important.Today every other person is suffering from depression.If we will be depresses then how we will give our best to our job and how is it even possible that we will be achieving milestones with so many complaints that we have regarding our lives.

Happiness is one pf the most precious thing one can have which we can't purchase even if we are billionaires. 

Acceptance makes life blissful,it helps us to focus on what we have and what we need to do to achieve what we want.

Many of us fails to accept failure and blame their fate,but the matter of fact is will it help us to convert our failure into success.No!! right!!!
But if we will accept our failure and will try to get success then for sure we will achieve success one day if not today.

I have seen people who are damn unhappy with their lives because they didn't got someone they wanted in their life,someone who was special to them and they dreamt of spending their lives with them,but is it of any use at all? I guess no because remaining unhappy for someone who didn't want you to be in their lives is not wise.If someone don't want to be with us,we cannot force them to accept us in their lives.So its better to be happy for them and move ahead in our lives because somewhere,someday we will also meet someone who is only meant for us.

Many of you may have seen that we we accept our mistakes it makes up happy,this happens because when we know what are our mistakes we also come to know that what are those necessary things that are needed to be done so that we can rectify all our mistakes.

When we accept and appreciate all those things we have with us,it gives us immense happiness which works as a driving factor which motivates us to move ahead in life so that we can achieve all our dreams and be happy in our lives.

It's true that we all have problems but thinking about all those will fetch us nothing rather doing something so that all the problems will get sort out will surely help us.
 I believe everyday before going to sleep we all should thank god for giving us all those things which we have and should promise ourselves that we will try our level best to achieve all those things which we want,we dream of and ultimately this will lead all of us to become those persons who wake up every morning with a smile of appreciation and thankfulness to god for whatever they have in their lives.


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