Yes,I am a woman and I speak my mind up.I don't mind to put forward my opinions.Any problem??? I don't care at all!!!!

 We all speak about women empowerment,but the matter of fact is now also there are thousands,lakhs,crores of women of our country who even can't imagine the word empowerment associated with them,it's just an illusion for them.

Why is it so in that the country where we worship goddesses thousands,lakhs and crores of women suffer the wrath of the society because they are women ??????
The hands which fold infront of goddesses are often raised on women to dominate her,to suppress her voice.We often have heard the line that  ''MEN DON'T CRY'',it will be much better if we teach the young boys and men of our society that ''MEN DON'T MAKE SOMEONE CRY''.
Today also,even after when we women proved that we are not less than men in any field,women do face discrimination when it comes to equal payments,opportunities same as their male counterparts.

Why is it so that we women keep fast for your long life as per our age old so called customs but there is no custom at all that i know where you men keep fast for we women for our long life?????
Don't we women also deserves to live long like you men?
Don't you men love your wives as much as they love you?
Why do we say that a women is impure when she is on her periods????
How can it be that a natural biological process of our body make us impure???
It's very natural that we women menstruate every month,and that's it,it's a biological process,as simple as that.
Why is it so that we women are considered weak compared to men???? Really???
Then let me remind you that we women  give birth to a child after carrying it for 9 months in our womb.
Why is it so that women are said to be settled and complete only after she gets married and have a child???
Why the word ambitious is associated in different way to women as compared to men???
No one minds if a man is ambitious,then why is it so that many a times an ambitious women face the wrath of the society????
No man leaves his career,dreams and job for his family and child then why the society wants a women who have worked hard equally as compared to men to achieve her dreams to leave her job,her dreams,her career everything behind for the sake of her family and child???????
Don't a woman have dreams??
How can women be called as somebody else's treasure because one day she get married to a man and go to her in laws house which is called her so called actual house according to our society??
We are not anyone's treasure at all,we are not an object,we are also human beings with blood,bones and skin.We are not someone's property which one person is gives to some other person.
How is it so that marriage is important than education for women???
No one says that marriage is more important than education for men,they how do this damn concept apply to we women?????

A child is always asked what's the name of his/her father,i guess mother's name is equally important as father's.
People say make your dad proud,isn't it better to say that let's make both mom and dad proud.
A child in this country is always known by his/her father's name but isn't that true that the child belongs to both his/her mom and dad equally and as per this condition the child can also be known by his/her mother's name.
I remember many people saying that girls don't look good talking loudly or shouting,girls should not use slangs at all but men can talk loudly,can shout,can use slangs,no issue at all,its cool.Why????
Is there some copywrite kind of thing that men have got for taking in a louder voice or shouting or for using slangs.
Men can smoke and drink,it's just a health hazard.But if we do the same it's a matter of judging our character.
Men can come home late,it is a sign of hardwork.But if we do the same people are going to judge us.
Our society blames the women if she get molested or raped.Why????
Marital rape is a taboo is our society.Why is it so?? Marriage is not the license for men to have sex with his wife when she is not ready for it.
Everyday we come across incidents of dowry deaths,why is it so that we are not able to eradicate the practice of dowry from our society??
It seems that men who take dowry on their marriage actually take birth with price tags.Isn't it shameful that you men take money during marriage??? Don't you feel that you men actually are selling yourselves.Don't you have anything??? Don't you earn anything??? Can't you have a better future for yourself and your better half with both of yours earnings???
Girls are generally told by their parents that they should not talk to a stranger,then how is it that women are asked to get married to men whom they don't even know in the name of so called arrange marriage????
Why we say our girls not to step out of the house after it gets dark instead of asking girls to do so why don't we inculcate such moral values in the boys that they will have respect in their mind and heart for women???
Why sports is considered as a men's thing??
I guess we know many women who made our country proud in the field of sports.
Why a girl having dark complexion face the wrath of the society because our so called society thinks that no man likes to marry a woman having dark complexion.Do our society have same thing to say to men having dark complexion??? I guess it's a big no.
Well the list of such discrimination don't end here.There are many more.
But we as a society have to change our mindset.Only then we will be able to see the change in our society.
Gone are those days when women who used to cry,who used to blame the society for suppressing her,who don't have a voice to speak up for her rights and justice was respected.It's the high time to rise up,to get up with courage,determination and confidence for our rights and justice.If we won't speak for us no one else will.



  1. It's simply mind-blowing. Especially the part about talking to strangers. It's a great awareness for our society.


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