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 Life is like a rainbow and a garden,rainbow because it have different colours in it which resembles different situations of our life which have several ups and down,several moments of happiness and sorrow,several moments to cherish the whole life,several people to love and respect,several moments of accomplishment and what not,and garden because i guess we come across different people in our lives in different situations and they all are like the different types of flowers and plants present there in the garden which are of different colour,have different fragrance and physical appearance and behaviour,some we like some we don't like at all but at the end of the day we find a reason that why once they were there in our lives.I believe each and every person we met in our lifetime actually teach us something important about life.
I guess life is beautiful when we make it a worth living.We should always try to make our life full of colours and fragrance just like the rainbow and the garden have.The beauty of a thing lies in the eyes of the beholder,some people finds beauty even in things which don't matter but some people can't find beauty even in the things that are really worth it.
For me that garden is really gorgeous which have some withered flowers in it along with the beautiful   ones because that is what life is all about just like which is a mixture of happiness and sorrow but it depends entirely on us how we perceive it.
We find rainbow beautiful but we don't want any strom at all because we don't find any beauty in strom at all but how can we forget that beautiful things can't be with us easily.
I feel life is also like different seasons because in our life just like seasons come and go one after anither in our life also we face different situations at different phases of life.
We all read about famous personalities and all,one thing that I have really found common in the life story of all the famous personalities is their way of visualizing their life which is full of positivity and enthusiasm,full of joy and the will to do something different from others.Someone true said that if you cannot become someone who is the best atleast try to become someone who  is different from the rest.
 We all get moment of happiness and well as sorrow,but its our choice that how we will deal with it.Just like happiness should never overpower our mind,sorrow should never overpower our heart.The person who always take happiness and sorrow in a very positive way around surely succeed in life.We should never get carried away with the storm of happiness and sorrowfulness rather we should be like Eagle who knows how to fly above the storm.
I believe life do teaches us everyday,its we who have to take it in such a way which will help us to build  a strong character and personality.
I guess just like a rainbow need both sun and the rain to make it's colour appear,our life also have ups and downs to mend us into a better human being day by day.One should never forget to enjoy this beautiful life given to us by the almighty  as life is not the same always and the wheel of life do change with respect to time just like we should enjoy the mesmerizing rainbow before it get fades away.
I have seen many people who worry a lot about life(even i worry a lot about my life!!! Lol!!!!! Wink!!!!!!!),but someone really true said that life is like a box of chocolate,you never know what you are gonna get,so let's leave all of our uneccesary worries about our life and let's enjoy this lovely gift of almighty to us which is called as LIFE because life is full of suprises.Let's give life a chance to suprise us and let us be happy always,no matter what are the circumstances.
We all have different journeys as well as destinations and we know that the roads are not made up of roses,if it have something then they are thorns but how can we forget that thorns are an integral part of rose without which rose is incomplete. 


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