In this beautiful journey of life every time we come across new circumstances,places,people or we experience something they remain in our minds as memories.
I guess memories are something we keep with us in our heart and mind throught out our lifetime but memories of every first thing done by us or happened with us is different and unique in its own sense and always remains in our minds.

Any thing on earth that we came across for the first time is memorable because its unique in its own sense and they make us aware of a particular thing for the very first time in our lives.
 The time we spent with our dad and mom.
The time when we used to go to school.
The time we spent with our friends.
The time we used to stand for hours for prayer in our school ground.
The numerous number of times we stood on stage and performed infront of the audience.
The time we stood first in the class and got the highest marks.
The time we got our dream job job.
The time we first cooked.
 The time we fall in love for the first time.
The time we helped someone.
The time we had a fight with our parents or bestie.
The time we purchased our first dream home and car.
The time we won in something.
The numerous number of times we failed even after trying hard.
And a lot more different things.But all these things have one thing in common that their memories are still intact in our brains.
Someone true said memories are like red wine.
May be many a times the memory of every thing happened in our life is not pleasant and beautiful but it is something that we remember our entire lifetime because of the lesson we learnt from it.
Memories of every thing are not always beautiful just like the beautiful flower like rose also have thorns,our memories also have good and bad times of our life.
If the memories of good times of our lives give us happiness and satisfaction then the memories of our bad times give us the message to rise up and act after every storm.
 Yes it's true that time passes but memories remain but memories and time go hand in hand as memories make us remember all those previous times of our life whether good or bad.

When we do something new for the first time we all remain excited,thrilled and full of enthusiasm and that's the reason that their memories are also equally full of lots of excitement,thrill and enthusiasm.

Memories make us remember how we were at the start and how we did the things for the first time.
Memories of all those things done by us for the first time make us realise that no one is perfect when try to do something new,it takes time to be perfect.

Someone true said that memories is the diary we carry with us throughout our life because I guess many of us write diaries where we write about every moment of our life everyday and who knows each and every secret of our life no matter good or bad.
Memories make us remember all those times we spent earlier with our loved ones when we are feeling alone and make us smile

 Now when we sit in our room alone thinking about the old times we always cherish the memories of our lives where we were happy.
Someone true said things get destroyed but memories don't,they are always there in our minds. 
Many a times memories are something we live for.
Many a times for many people memories give them a reason to live.



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