Perfect Companion??? 

Who's that???


I think for me the perfect companion is that  very person/thing in our life which have neither have demands nor have complaints with us,who accepts us the way we are,who just will be there with us no matter what are the circumstances. 

For me the perfect companion is the one with whom you are the most comfortable,you don't need to loose your individuality,with whom you are you,with whom even travelling long distances become short and enjoyable,with whom you can speak your heart out,who always compliments you,who always stands with you no matter what the circumstance is.

I feel very few of us have the privilege of having a perfect companion in our lives.Some of us have their siblings,someone of us have their dad or mom,some of us have their friends or best friend,some of us have cousins as their perfect companion.But for me my perfect companions are my books and my pillow.It is my books which made me today whatever I am.Someone have true said one is known by the books he/she reads.My books have never disappointed me at all.Many a times i have complaints regarding them(my books),but they don't have any complaints at all with me,all they do is to empower me with the abundance of knowledge they possess with them.

I don't have too many friends,nor i ever had but the thought of being lonely never ever came into my mind because i had my perfect companions with me,with whom i am the most comfortable.My books have also seen my most honest tears,but it neither complaint about it neither it got irritated with it.I feel it is really needed to have someone with whom we can speak without thinking about the outcomes,for me they are nothing but my books.

Whatever little knowledge i have it is just because of my books.I read a new thing everyday and this give me enormous amount of confidence to face any obstacle and adverse situation in my life.

They are my books who never left me alone when no one was there,that is what i feel is the best thing of having the perfect companion of our life.

It's really important to know that who is our perfect companion as if the companionship have the power to make us,it also do have the power to break us.
And we are here to make ourselves and not to break ourselves.

If some of you are there who are depressed because your near and dear ones are not with you today whom once you used to consider your perfect companion,you should neither get depressed by this nor you should blame yourself for this,all you should do is to understand your worth and wait until you have your perfect companion.But yes i would like to say one thing that until you find your perfect companion why don't you try to make books your perfect companion,may be you will also find your perfect companion in them just like me.

Thank you all for reading my blog.Keep reading and do give your views and do follow the blog if you like it.


  1. Books are everyone's partner... That's so true.... I am actually proud of the fact that you believe this is true...


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