Every day or the other many of us try to seek attention from someone whose attention we want to grab.We want them to notice us,to give importance to us,to love us but in this very process many a times we forget that there is a thing which is called as self respect.

Some people want attention from their friends,some from their boyfriend/girlfriend,some from their respective spouses.Why is it so that we need to make them realize about  our presence.In this process of seeking attention many a times we end up doing weird things without getting the fact that if we have importance in their lives then we will definitely get their attention because it is all about priorities.

Now a days we post everything on social media starting from pictures with our friends to our spouses to our parents to our pets,we also posts on social media when we are sad or we have some problems with a eye catching caption on it to get the attention of our social media friends,among whom many are there whom we even don't know.But how does it make any sense that if we will be posting pictures where we are looking happy actually means we are happy and it is going to increase our happiness a lot.We also posts on social media when we are sad but does it solves our problems.
I feel that seeking attention is good but upto that extent only upto which people are not judging us because now a days people have a thing that is always judging someone for some or the other reason.

The people to whom we are really important they will definitely give us priority in their lives,we don't need to do something so that they are going to give us their attention.
For example just remove your birthday date  from your social media account and observe that how many of your friends send you wishes.Only those friends of yours will wish you who know about this important day of your life ,the day when you came into this world.But there will be many and i guess the number of these people will be maximum who just don't have any idea about your birthday because it is all about priorities.

I feel seeking respect is more important than seeking attention because where there is respect for you there will be attention for you too.But if you get attention from everyone it doesn't mean that people also do respect you.You may be getting attention because you are gorgeous,because you are someone who can grab people's attention quickly by your attitude but you can never get respect only with looks because respect is something we don't get we earn it,and i guess we all know that earning something is really very difficult because for that you need to prove yourself and should have a golden heart.And there is a huge difference between getting and earning because we also get something sometimes by asking for it but we can't earn anything if we are not deserving.

 Someone have really true said that something beautiful and something which have shine from within them don't need attention at all.It's the essence of their strong character that they become the centre of attention and are respected for their work and ability.
You may loose attention after sometime but you can never loose respect if you build your character strong.

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