TIME !!!!!

TIME !!!!!

Sometimes time teach us such big lessons of life which one can never learn from any other resources.Unlike our exams where first we learn then we are examined,in our real life we first go through the exam,then we learn the lesson.
The best thing about time is it passes away and gradually heals our pain which many a times medicines fails to do.Time make us forget all our pain and sorrow gradually and help us stand strong.Toughest time of our lives make us understand that who are our true friends and who are not.Time taught us that everything and everybody in this universe in momentous.If today we are sad,tomorrow at some point of time happiness will also be there in our lives,if it is night now,then there will be day again.Time teaches to stand us alone and stand still when no one is there for us and also taught us to face all the challenges with lot of courage and assured us that  our time will also come,just we need to try,try,try again.Time taught the secret of learning and that is to learn from our own mistakes,acccepting them and then working towards make them correct.Time taught that it changes for everyone.If someone earns and someone loose a thing its not all about winning and loosing,its all about time which will pass and life is all about ups and downs curves.Time taught us to smile even in toughest times.Someone truly said that an empty pocket and a broken heart teach the biggest lessons of time.
Time taught that we should never ever try to make fun of someone who is going through his/her toughest time because we can also be on the same boat as him/her,its all about time.
Time taught us to speak up for ourselves,to hold on in certain circumstances,to let something go for getting some other thing.Time taught us to be fearless of giving opinions.Time taught us to believe in us and our dreams and assured us that one day we will achieve what we want,what we need to do is to keep going without the fear of getting failed.Someone who never failed actually never tried anything new in his/her life.
Time is a teacher who remains all our lives with us from whom we know what it is to deal in real life with the society.Time taught us that it is the biggest weapon which help us to fight with our own insecurities and inner devils and made sure that we come out with flying colours.
Time taught us to value those people who value us,who love us.Time also taught us to be happy with what we get in our life.Time taught us to nourish our qualities and helped us in making all of us a better human being.Time taught us that everytime what we think,many a times we don't get them even after trying because may be they are not made for us or may be something more big is awaiting in the near future for us,all we need to do is to remain calm and patient.

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  1. I like it very much. Its an excellent précis on time:). I will surely recommend this to my younger sister to enhance her views on such topics.


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