Hello my dear blog readers.First of all a very big thank you to you all to took out some time from their busy schedule and read my blog's post and today within just few days have 1.1k reads and counting.This is really overwhelming.
This post is all about my entire experience as a human being till date.This post is dedicated to all my lovely readers for their unconditional support.

 Well,I came on this mother earth on 30th September 1997 as a girl child in a Bengali middle class family in Kolkata,India.And now i am very happily 19 year old,haha(wink!!!!).
For me my life was always full of ups and downs,but i guess ups and downs are really an important part of our life,they makes us stronger even more.
Though from my childhood I was very bright in studies and co-curriculars.I remember i always used to be among the toppers of my class starting from the very beginning.I learnt music,dance,art as a child(starting from when i was 4 years old) and also several competitions in my school and also in other places.But the fact is I never got acknowledged for my achievements from anyone rather than my parents because of my physical appearance.I remember an incident when i was in standard 1 one of our neighbours came to our house on my birthday and the first thing she noticed about me was how i look.I remember her giving my mom tips so that i will look good because afterall according to her i am a girl and no one marries a girl in society if she is not good looking.I remember that i asked my mom that what did she meant by saying all these,and my mom's reply was it's nothing,its just that they are over obsessed with someone's look and smiled.
But i very well understood that she was saying something bad about me just same as my relatives say because i have really good looking cousins and i was an unexpected and unwanted exception among all.
I remember all those days as a child when i really used to feel very inferior infront of all,i was having lots of insecurities in me,had lots of complaints to god,didn't had the courage to speak up infront of people,used all those beauty creams available to me.
I remember when i was in 10th standard one day one of my very close relative(who is like family to me) told that you know your parents are really unfortunate to have a daughter like you,what they will be doing when you will grow up.I remember i cried all day because i never expected him to have such opinions about me like others.
But i guess stars do change for all.I remember that he was the first person who congratulated me when i got 95% marks in 10th boards,at that very moment i just had one thing in my mind that why did he call,i am the same unfortunate child to my parents according to him,and that day also when he called for congratulating me i didn't spoke to him.
Nowadays i hardly meet any those negative characters of my life because positivity can never be there where there are always a place for negative thoughts.
I guess it was my Maths teacher Vivek Roy Sir when I was in standard 5 who motivated me a lot and starting from standard 5 till date I think i try to become a more and more positive human being day by day.And now I am an engineering student and now i guess i never look back to all those memories which made me so weak mentally as a human being,now there is only one thing and that is courage and confidence in my eyes which are looking ahead that one day I will for surely create the life I want.I think more people tried to put me down,it gave me more boost to stand confident infront of all and gave me the courage to speak and the believe that i can do really good in my life.
I never in my wildest dreams thought that i would ever gain the confidence and courage to speak up,to fight for myself with the whole world,never i had thought that i will have such positive thought about life in my mind,never i had thought that someday people will give me a standing ovation for my speaking skills,never i had thought that my amateur writing skills will be acknowledged by everyone and someday i will also get 1.1k reads and counting on my blog.

I guess if a girl like me can speak with confidence and courage,everyone of you can.Never underestimate yourself,never judged yourself after listening to others,love yourself,believe in yourself and god and follow your dreams,just remember that "shining stones never lie on the ground".I just have one thought in my mind every moment that there is a long way i have to go,this is just the start.

A big all the best to all of you from my side for whatever you want to achieve in your life.Stay confident and positive because i believe #beingconfidentissexy (wink!!!!).
Thank you all again for reading my blog and yeh keep reading and do follow the blog if you like it by clicking the follow button out there.


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