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Today i am going to share some of my experiences of being from a middle class family which i think many of you will relate you especially if you belong from a middle class family.
So what is the meaning of middle class,i guess its that category of people in our society who are neither poor neither rich.They neither sleep hungry in nights nor they go everyday to five star restaurants.These people neither live in huts nor in lavish multi storied building.These people are actually those who generally belong to the educated part of the society who generally go for jobs(exceptions are there).
Being from a middle class family the most important thing i came across was the value of having a good education which comprises not just the formal education where
we are going to school,having good mark,going to colleges,then job and so on rather education is something which comprises ethics and manners with formal education.I guess being from a middle class family i have always come across a phrase that ''respect is the thing we ca earn being from a middle class family if not money".
The people belonging to middle class family generally wait for the last day of every month  for their salary.I have seen many instances where after 15 of every month there is a thing called''whatever you need tell me in the beginning of the month''.
Generally we middle class people don't go to markets only for roaming around without having a thought when we are going out of the house that actually for what reason i am going out.We middle class people generally list all the things before going out so that we will not forget to buy anything and we don't have to go out again spending money for buying something because we believe in the thought that"saving a little today is going to give big outcomes tomorrow''.
Generally i guess many middle class family people now also get confused when they ask for a coffee when they go out in some big coffee shop because for us coffee means coffee,we actually never think coffee can also be of different varieties.Ok now let me share one of my hilarious experiences regarding having coffee in some big coffee shop.I remember it was almost 6 years ago i went with my dad to a big coffee shop.When i went to the person who was serving coffee i was asked "mam you will have which coffee hot coffee or cold coffee because its just 6 am(morning) and we just have two varieties now,if you want to have some other variety of coffee then you need to wait for about 3 minutes". As i didn't had the time to wait i thought if having the cold coffee but just at that moment my dad who was standing behind said in bengali that ''hey why cold coffee,coffee tastes good when it is hot and what is this that the cold coffee costs more than the hot coffee''. At that very moment i was like"what the" my dad before i could say anything told the guy serving coffee that give two hot coffee and i was like thank god dad told all those to me in bengali otherwise it was really going to be too embarrassing for me.

Generally every parent of a middle class family apply the same age old criteria that why to pay 250 rupees for  100 gm of ice-cream in a restaurant when we are getting 1 kg vanilla flavored ice-cream in 100 rupees that also one 1 kg vanilla ice-cream free with it.
Generally we middle class people when went to some marriage function our concern is i have given suppose y amount of money to the bride and groom as gift so i will also have the food according to that so that i will not loss as per the money i have given as gift.Generally unlike rich people who complains a lot if they don't like the food in a restaurant,who generally left food when they think they are full now,we middle class people become very happy that we had food in some good place and generally we don't waste food at all.
Every middle class family household have a locker when they keep money for every purpose separately like for education this much,for marriage this much and so on.Actually i think we middle class people are really calculative about money,we keep the track of every single rupee we spent,this is what is we middle class family people call budget.
Generally now we middle class people also purchase things on emi's to lead a better and comforting life ahead.I guess every middle class family household prefers to go for local markets for purchasing rice,vegetables and other household items rather than the big shopping complexes.Generally we don't give our clothes to laundry for cleaning purpose and all we ourselves wash and iron it in our home to save some money.We people generally never throw the used up bottles and all rather we use them for some other purpose or sometimes give it to people who collect bottle and give money in exchange,for saving some money for our future.

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