Life is not complicated at all,it's our very own thoughts which make it complicated like hell.

  Sometimes our ego overpowers us in such a way that we forget that ego can never bring happiness in our life.It's important to have self respect,but when self respect gets converted into something called as ego it brings the storm of unhappiness in all our lives.

Whenever we feel that why I should? Why not he/she first? that is the point of life when we should really self introspect that whether it is a matter of self respect or it's our big fat ego.These thoughts only make us loose our loved ones,our friends.In this era where we need to travel faster than time often to go ahead in our life we leave some people behind who at some point of time were our most loved ones.

We often forget that we have got just one life where we came alone and from where one day we will go alone,then why to have such complicated thoughts in our mind which snatches our peace of mind.

People do change with time because with time our priorities changes.But before forming an opinion about someone who was such a big part of our life at some point of time we should analyze the situations in a proper way around.I guess by doing this many we will not develop ego within us and will also understand life in a positive way around.
They are our thoughts and outlook which brings out all the changes in our life.If we will always have positive thoughts in our mind I guess it will become really easy for us to handle situations does not matter how good or worse they are.

If we have something in our mind,if we want to tell something to someone,if we want to call or message our friend,if we have some questions in our mind,if we have some questions then I guess we should really take it easy and do it.

Life is such a beautiful gift given to us by the almighty,why to waste it by making it complicated.Life is not at all complicated,it's just that we need to give our best and have to believe in ourselves and should not let our ego which many a times we think that as our self respect to overpower us.

Let's live our life with enthusiasm and positive thoughts without making it complicated.


  1. Wonderfully written..!! I didn't know you yourself are such a wonderful writer.. went through a few articles today and would read the rest when I m free.. Keep writing :)

  2. Thank you so much maam.I am glad you read my articles.I am a big admirer of your writing.


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