What a beautiful journey life is!!!!!! 

It have all that a journey should have challenges,thrills,surprises,happiness,sorrow,memories,ambitions,dreams and one of the most complicated one called RELATIONSHIPS

  Relationships are directly proportional to time.Time changes so as relationships.The thing which remains is the memories associated with them.
In all of our lives we all had one person who used to be so important to us some years back does not even matter.We even don't care about them.But there was a time when we used to crave for their attention.
We all had some people in our lives with whom we never used to get bored,with whom we used to talk a lot,with whom we never needed any topic to start the conversation,with whom we used to share our secrets,with whom we used to share our happiness and sorrow,who was our partner in crimes but today we hardly talk because time changes us and so our priorities too.
I guess we all love our school days and on the last day of school we all promised each other to keep our friendship as it was then,we all promised that we will never forget each other,will always be there for one another,will always be in touch with all our friends but the reality is to day many of us don't even remember many of our school friends whom we promised that we will remain BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.
Today many of us don't even remember the birthdays of those friends of ours whom we used to wish first on their birthdays.
We all had one or more crushes while being in school and college.Whenever our friends used to tease us by their name we used to smile like a idiot with a cute blush on our face(wink!!!!)but today we hardly even remember their name.
We all have our school's and college's friends connected with us on social media account but the question is HOW MANY OF US ARE REALLY CONNECTED TO OUR FRIENDS?
I guess today we all have a thought in us that why should I talk first,he/she also can initiate the conversation.And this mere thought have destroyed friendships like hell!!!
I guess many of us may know boys who had a girl as their best friend or many female friends and girls who had a boy as their best friend or many male friends but now they hardly talk with each other because their respective girlfriends or boyfriends or spouses have a big issue with the fact of having a best friend or simply a friend from the opposite gender.This is what a matter of time and priorities.
Our priorities changes with time and so as the importance of some people in our lives.
Our friends circle changes with respect to time,place,circumstances and most importantly with respect to our priorities.
It's true that school and college reunions are really full of enjoyment and enthusiasm but it also have the feeling that THINGS ARE NOT THE SAME AS IT USED TO BE.
There are some friends whom we never forgets in our lifetime and also there are some friends whom we forget within small a span of time.
The friend with whom we used to we used to do gossip regularly,today that friend don't even say a hello upon meeting.
The friend with whom we used to speak a lot,today don't even bother to talk to us.
The friend for whom we got scoldings from our teachers,today hardly matter in our lives.
The friend who was our partner crimes,today hardly share their life with us.
The friend with whom we used to do late night chat,today we find it difficult to find a topic to start the conversation with.
The friends with whom we lived our dreams,today hardly picks our phone calls and reply to our messages.
The friend on whose marriage we thought that we will dance and sing our heart out,today we didn't even know about their marriage.
Today we are lonely even after having 1000+ friends in our social media account.
 The unanswered calls and seen messages without replies speaks a lot that time changes,so as people,so as our priorities and so as our friendship,everything and everyone in the world is momentous.



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