Do you really know your strengths and weaknesses?

Do you really know what is your passion?

Do you really know what you want to do in your life?

Do you know your USP?

Do you admire,love and respect yourself.

Are you really confident enough regarding all the decisions that you have taken in your life till date?

Do you really appreciate whatever you have?

Do you believe that dreams really do come true?

Well these are just some questions which I guess we should really know about ourselves.
One of the best realization in life is what is called as SELF REALIZATION,that means you know yourself in a true sense.

 The most magical thing in knowing our own selves is that we know what is our purpose in life,for what we are over here on this mother earth.
Many of us are confused about their life.Many are there who are frustrated with their day to day monotonous schedule of life. 

We all human beings have a USP which make us stand out from the crowd,which gives a purpose for living the life.The thing is that we need to find out that USP which will ultimately redefine our life.

Every human being on this mother earth is unique,have their own individuality,have their own thought.If we all will take out some time and do little bit of self talk,I guess we all will be able to know the qualities we have,we will come to know about our individuality,we will start loving ourselves  and will surely always remain motivated and energized with all the positive thoughts.

We all have passions about something or the other but the actual matter of fact is that many of us are unaware of our own passions.

We all do jobs and live our lives according to the rule made by someone else,but if once in this lifetime we will some across our own self,I am sure that we will create our own rule book and will follow our own way of life.

It's really the need of the hour to have a self talk and discover our own selves,otherwise we will get lost in the crowd and will not be able to become someone who live life on his/her own terms.

I believe we have got just one life and in this one life only we need to create a better life to live in.We need to find out the actual person in ourselves.
 In our whole lifetime many a times we remain unsure regarding our life ahead,I guess this happens because we really don't about ourselves.
I guess it's the need of the hour to know ourselves really well and to perform accordingly so that we will have no regrets later.

If we want people to know us,to admire us,to respect us for our work then we really need to nurture our talents and have to work hard on them for creating the life we want,we dream of.

If we will not know our strengths and weaknesses,if we will not know about our passion,if we are not sure about what will be happening ahead in our life,if we don't believe in ourselves and our dreams,then who else will do all these for us.

Our mentors,teachers,parents and friends can only guide us but whether the path suggested by them will really lead us somewhere for the better in our life or not that decision entirely depends on ourselves.And for that we really need to know our self more than anyone else.








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