If there is someone who brings the best out of us in a true sense then I must say they are our teachers.It's not that every teacher is the same or every teacher inspires us,but we all have some teachers in our life who changed our vision towards life.

I as an individual was really fortunate to have such teachers in my life who motivated me a lot.They believed in me more than I did.

Someone true said that we all had one person in our life who made our negatives into positives,who changed our outlook in such a way that whenever today we look back we thank them that they took the initiative to empower us,to build our character.
My teachers taught me to believe in myself,to love myself,to respect myself for whatever I have.

I can never ever forget the immense contribution my teachers have in my life.I remember when Vivek sir always used to tell me that always believe in yourself and your hardwork,someday you will be proud of yourself and will make your parents and teachers proud.I remember there was a time when I used to get scared just by the name of performing on stage,and today is the day when whenever I ever stand on stage and speak,I always get appreciation from everyone out there.It was my teachers only who helped me to gain the confidence to speak in front of audience.It was my teachers who made me confident,who made me believe in myself and made me a better human being and thank you is a very small word to appreciate their immense contribution in building my character.

I believe everyone of us have that one teacher in their life who made them,who helped them to grow as an individual. 
 Today I am not in contact with all of my teachers,but I wish wherever you all are,you all are well and good.

 It's really difficult to get a good teacher,but if we get one I guess we are fortunate enough.Those who get such inspirational and motivational teachers in their life are really blessed.



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