We simply loose our own self when we try to do something or be someone which we are not and in which we don't believe it.

Some change for being someone better.
Some change for getting attention.
Some change in the name of doing something new in their life.
Today,let's unfold the journey of the feeling of being the person who is the best in his/her own self because they are original version of themselves. 

When we see someone who have done something really worth it in their life we just want to become someone like them whom everyone admire.But the matter of fact is when someone achieve something really worth it,when they prove themselves,when they make themselves proud,when they make everyone thrill with their work it's because they are the original version of themselves,they believed themselves when everyone tried to put them down,they never believed in the idea of grabbing attention,they never did anything in which they don't believe in,they never supported ideas which they don't admire.

When we think that we can be the best just by transforming our persona,I guess we are absolutely wrong.How can that thing be the best which is fake,just for showing others.

I have came across people who behave,dress,talk all modern but when it comes to their thoughts they are simply not worth it.

 When we need to get transformed into a person which we are not,just for getting the love and attention from someone or from some people whom we love and want to be with them in our life,it's the high time to self introspect our idea of being with that person or with those people.

 Let's talk about myself.Well I am someone who have never ever used make up for looking good though I know I am someone who can't be the center of attraction for her looks,I always wear T-shirts or formal shirts with black or blue jeans doesn't matter whether I am going to college,party or whatever,I am not someone who drips honey when she talks rather I am someone who always remains in a proactive mode and ready for argument if I find the thing wrong and is extremely short tempered.But if I am not wrong I am one of those who have always got the appreciation and attention from people for my work.I am not saying that I am the best or someone great because I have really not done something worth it yet,I am just a third year engineering student,all I want to say is people admire,love,respect and give you attention only when you do something in a right way around with dedication without thinking the need for being the center of attention.Attention which comes from doing things we don't believe in don't stays for long.One day that goes and we remain all empty.

The most important thing is that when we work,talk,do things just to get the attention and appreciation we do things in a really wrong way around and we mess things up.

 Many of us love attention a lot,better to say hungry for attention and it's damn true that getting attention is really tough.But does that mean to transform our own self into a personality which can grab attention.Often we dress,we talk,we walk,we behave,we do things just for becoming the centre of attraction.I think that may be today we will be able to grab the attention of people by our looks,our clothes,our honey dripping words but one day someone else will take our place and will leave us behind because looks,clothes and fake words can't last for long.Their durability is too short. 

Why to transform our persona just for the love which is namesake or for attention when we know we are someone who can really create the difference with our brainstorming ideas and not so common personality.





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