Today many of us are hungry for getting attention.We all want to get popular among our peers and other people.We all want friends,we fear to be alone.Many a times this hunger of getting attention and being popular and of course the fear of being alone compel us to be with people who are way different from the those with whom we want to be. 

 It's true that no one can live alone all their life on earth but I believe it's way better to be alone rather than being with those people with whom we can't connect ourselves and our ideologies.

I believe that we should be with them who inspires us,whom we admire,who share the same thoughts and ideologies as we do,who have similar ambitions in their life,who are original version of themselves,who are with us unconditionally,who motivates us everyday to be better than the previous day,who make us a matter person.For sure this will make our journey to success easier and worth it.

Every person is different,have different individuality,have different outlook towards the world.But I believe if we will be with people who have the same ambitions as we do,who have the outlook towards the world then it will surely help us to achieve our dreams in a much easier way around.

Those people are not our true friends who are with us when we have everything and everything going well in our life rather those people are our true friends who remain with us no matter how worse the situation is.
Those people are not our true friends who support us even if we are wrong rather those people are our true friends who always make us realise our mistakes.

Positive thoughts can never ever be there where there are negative thoughts.Yes,in maths we have read that minus multiplied with minus equals to plus but in real life this logic of maths is not applicable at all.

In real life we really need to have positive thoughts to get positive outcomes,a negative thought is capable enough to destroy thousands of positive thoughts we have on our mind.

Same as thoughts we should always make sure that to be with people who are
extremely positive,who are optimistic,who don't let negativity to come in their way to success.





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