Success is what we all want but then why do we give up so easily when we know that trying one more time will not snatch anything from us,rather we may be able to achieve our goals.

It hurts when people doubt on our dreams,when they laugh on our ambitions,when they say that it is just impossible to achieve our goals,and that our goals are too big to achieve.

But I believe we should take all  their criticism in a positive way then only we will be able to reach our destination.

Many a times our parents,our siblings,our relatives find our dreams to be unrealistic but I believe the day we will achieve our dreams,on that day no one will have any complaints from us.

I believe we all should follow our mind and heart first,then only we will be able to fulfill all our dreams.Many a times when even after trying so hard,we fail we get disappointed,we start doubting our capability and our ambitions,we blame our luck,we get frustrated but the most important thing is that these things don't help us in achieving our dreams rather they create distance between we and our dreams. 

If due to any reason we are not able to achieve our goals then will giving up our dreams forever will be a wise choice??? No right!! Then why to even think of giving up our dreams.Rather we should try to make make every dream of ours to come true.
It's true that it's not guaranteed that we will achieve all our ambitions but if we will try again and again then I guess later on we will not regret.

  Next time whenever anyone tells us to leave our dreams then I guess we should just show them the exit door with a bright smile on our face.If there are people who discourage us,who demotivates us then we should never be with them.

Yes,it is disappointing whenever we fail to achieve our goals but is it the end of the day? No,right then what is the harm in trying once more,may be the next day is our day.
Someone have true said that rejection is the most powerful motivation.

Winners are those who never quit even after failing again and again.
Winners are those who take every failure sportively and work hard for their dreams.

Becoming someone from no one is a long journey,it's upto us how thrilling,enchanting and memorable we can make it.It takes a lot of patience,hardwork,dedication and most importantly hope in ourselves to achieve the heights of our dreams.




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