Many of us may have witnesses favoritism very closely.Well favoritism is everywhere,whether it's school,college,office,sometimes in home also.

  I guess it's a very big demotivating factor for anyone who have ever faced problems due to favoritism.Well,it's true that favoritism is demotivating but we just can't sit in home and cry for that.What we need to do it that we need to focus on our skills and our goals.We need to that good that no one can ignore our talent.
 We need to understand that favoritism is present everywhere,it depends on us how we face it.
 I have seen favoritism very closely everywhere I have been to.But this motivated me to perform better than the previous time.We all need to stop giving importance to people who prefer to play the cards of favoritism because those people can never change.We need to stop thinking about them also we need to stop blaming ourselves for our failure when we know that it is favoritism which played it's card.
 The people who play the cards of favoritism will always not be there.The day they will not be there there will be no one to help those people who were winning because of favoritism,not because of their talent and hardwork and that day no one will be able to stop us from proving ourselves.
 I guess before competing with others we should compete with ourselves because this will help us to grow as an individual and will make us self sufficient.
 Well for me self love matters a lot.We should never think ourselves lesser than someone.It can be the case that the other person is better than us in many ways but there will be things for sure in which we are much better than them.That thing we need to find out and we need to work on it.
 All these favoritism lasts for a very short time and we just can't afford to let ourselves down for it.
 One day there will be someone who will give value to our skills and will not play the cards of favoritism,we just need to believe ourselves and our talent and hardwork.
 Someone have true said that shining stones never lie on the road.
 It really hurts when our talent is ignored but we need to take the rejection in a positive way around because positivity can never exist and positive things can't happen when we are having negative thoughts.

If anyone is there who play the cards of favoritism then I have just one thing to say them that rise above the bars of favoritism and appreciate the talent,hardwork and dedication of the person because that will also help me to contribute something to our society.

To the people who have ever faced problems due to favoritism then I would like to say just one thing to them that work on yourself and your skills and make yourself so good that no one will be able to ignore you.



  1. Working on yourself is the 1st the to do because if you are try to make yourself a better person today than you were yesterday, you are making progress

  2. You need to write more, I commented but I also posted 3 of your articles on My FB page because I think there are a lot of people that can learn from you. We are all always learning or teaching - it's called Living. Hugs, Rita


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