I really don't get the matter of fact that why many people especially men of our patriarchal society hate feminists.

 Well I guess firstly they don't have the real idea of feminism in their mind and that is the reason behind their hatred towards the feminist.Secondly some men fear that they will loose their authority to rule over women.

Well I am a feminist and for me feminism is all about equality.The feminists in true sense will never want to establish a matriarchal society where women will rule over men.  
We feminists can have the diamonds with our own earned money,for that we don't need you.

We don't want you men to leave your seats while you are traveling to your home after a long tiring day in bus or train just because we are standing in that very bus or train.If you can stand in a bus or train and travel after a long tiring day we also can do it.
We don't want you to do whatever we want,we don't want to dominate over you,we value your thoughts.

We don't want you men to cook for us,we can cook our own food.We just want you to understand that your value will not degrade if you will cook for your home.

We don't want you to leave your parents for us,we want your parents to understand us and to support their daughter in laws just like they would have supported their own daughters.

We don't want to become burden over you,we also want to work and want the earn the bread and butter for our home.

We don't want you men to pull the chair for us when we go for a lunch or dinner to some restaurant.

We want our opinions to get their deserved place and value.

We want to contribute towards nation building.

We want to live in a society where we are not stopped from pursuing our dreams.
We want you to be there for us when we need you.

We want our children to be known by the name of both of our names and not only by your name.

We want our in laws to treat us the same way they would have treated their own daughter.

 We want men to take rejections from women regarding marriage proposals in a positive way around.We want you to respect our choice of not marring you.

We want you to understand that household chores are not only a women's job,it is also a man's responsibility to take care of the house.

We want our society to give us the same respect,justice,value to we women that a man get.

We want a society where women can get out of their houses without having any fear in their heart and mind,where we women are safe.

We want each and every man of our society to understand that we women are not your slaves,we are also humans like you.

We want men to understand the matter of fact that we are not over here on mother earth to satisfy your lust and give to your children.Women are not only for sex and pleasure.

 We don't want to be known by any man's name we want to earn our own name.

We want you to understand that our tears are not a symbol of our weakness.

We want you men to respect and understand our decision of not wanting to have sex with you on that very night.We don't want to be forced for something which we don't like.

We want you men not to look at us with those lusty eyes.We want you to have respect for us.

We want the society to speak up against the people who assault women,who abuse women mentally and physically,who don't respect women,who take dowry in the name of rituals. 

We want the society not to ridicule a women for her physical appearance.

We want our society not to shame girls with dark complexion.

We want women to make their own identity.

     We don't want women to leave their career,job,dreams,ambitions just because she is married or have a kid,we want you men to support us because marriage happens between two people and the kid is the responsibility of both of us.

We want that if we respect your family,your parents then our family and our parents also deserve the same respect from you.

We want our society to respect us and our dreams and ambitions.

You men are not there to complete us,you are there to compliment us.

We feminists want to have equality.We want our society to give us the respect we deserve.We want justice for us.We want our rights.We want to live in a society where both men and women are equal.



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