JOURNEY vs DESTINATION

 We all want to reach a certain destination in our life.But it is our journey which makes our destination worth it.

We all travel a long road to reach the destination where we want to be.Many a times we win,many a times we stumble,many a times we loose hope but it is all about "the keep going attitude" which ensures that one day no matter what we will achieve our dreams for sure and will reach our destination.Life is a journey where we don't know what is going to happen the next moment,we don't know whether we will finally reach our destination or not and this is what makes our life incredible.

The best part of our journey to reach our destination are the experiences that we gain during the course of our journey.It teach us those lessons of life which even the best books and best teachers of this world can't teach us in our lifetime.
In our journey to our destination we meet a lot of people.Some have similar plans for their future like us,some don't have any plan at all and there are some who even don't know where they want to be and why they are in this journey.All these people whom we meet or have met teach us a lot.But the most important thing is to be with people who are positive.

The world will always be concerned about our destination but for us it is always our journey.No one knows about our struggle,hardwork,dedication,the sleepless nights we got to achieve what we want.Our journey is always special for us.

We all reach a certain destination depending on the road we chose to take to embark our journey.It is the journey which makes the difference. 

  Many a times the hurdles in our journey become a bit too much and we doubt on our decision,we doubt on the path we choose to follow,we doubt on us and our abilities but I guess someone have true said that if we will not travel through the darkest tunnels,we will never be able to understand what light means.

Basically these tough time make us a tough human being who stand alone and stand strong for the right thing,who may stumble a bit but won't loose hope,who knows how to stand strong after falling face along,who is not someone who follow the crowd rather the person is someone who stand our of the crowd and makes the difference.





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