No means a no!!! Sooner this patriarchal society gets it in their heads,it will be a way better society for women to live in.

 Women are given lessons on a lot of things like how to talk,what to say,how to sit,what to wear,not to argue with their husbands or in laws,and of course a lot more do's and don't s.Generally this society expects a woman to follow certain norms and rules set up by it and if a woman don't abide all these,she face the wrath of this society.

Why is it so that after getting married women are considered to be someone who must follow the norms and rules followed by her in laws and husband? Don't we women have a life which we can live according to our own wish.Why we women are considered someone's else property? Aren't we humans???

Why is it so that marriage means that she need to loose her own self just to prove that how much she love and respects her new home???

  The most interesting fact about our so called well cultured society is that it expects a woman who was kept between the four walls of the house in the name of tradition and culture,who used to veil her face infront of men other than her father,brother and men from her own family,who was allowed to go out of her house only when some male member of her family is available to accompany her,who was told not to talk to any stranger especially to strangers who are men,who was never allowed to go in front of any male member from her family when she is having her periods,who never knew that what does sex really meant before the "FIRST NIGHT" of her marriage,to have sex with her husband whom she barely knows because according to our well cultured society it's the duty of a wife to satisfy her husband no matter if she wants it or not because she is a woman and her husband have the utmost power to have physical intimacy with her in the name his rights as a husband that this society have give him.

 Women really need to start talking about all the physical and mental trauma they are going through in their marriage.

Men of this society should now get it in their big fat heads that when a woman is saying a no it means "NO" only.No husband have the authority to force his wife to have physical intimacy with him when she is not ready for it.Marriage don't give the right to a man to force a woman for anything especially to have physical relationship with him.
The most important thing is women need to speak up,they need to understand their worth and stand in a marriage and the matter of fact also that men are not superior to women in marriage.

Somebody have true said that good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere.I guess it's much better to be bad in the eyes of our so called well cultured society by speaking up for our rights rather than to be a good girl in the eyes of our so called well cultured society by remaining silent on the physical and mental trauma that women are facing in their day to day life in their marriage.

It's true that it is difficult to fight alone for our rights but if today we women will not raise our voices against these issues then tomorrow it will also happen with other women.If today we will stand up for our rights with courage and determination then it is for sure that it will give a momentum to the issue of women empowerment and one day we will be able to live in a society where there is equality,where there is no violence against women.

If today we women will remain quiet about the physical and mental trauma we are facing in the name of marriage then tomorrow our next generation of girls will suffer like us.







  1. This is extremely well written and the truth. If I person stands it starts the change that is needed. Hugs. I stand alone a lot.

  2. Nicely written Shreyashi..........We have to speak up....


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