Truth is one of the most powerful things of the world.The power of truth is such that it can also be heard in pin drop silence.It don't need any sound to make the world hear it.It's so powerful that it have the power to create and destroy each and everything of the world.

Each and everything in this universe is bind by truth.There is simply nothing present in this world which holds the power to beat it.

It's very difficult to walk on the roads of truth but if someone have the determination of walking through the roads of truth then may be not today but someday or the other that person will achieve each and everything he/she wanted.
Being with truth gives eternal happiness.

Someone have true said it is always very easy to lie for the first time but after that it becomes extremely difficult as we need to lie again and again to cover our previous lies and it's very difficult to speak the truth for the first time but after that it becomes really easy to speak the truth as we don't need to put our mind to frame something which is not true.

Many a times people who remain truthful face a lot of hurdles in their life to achieve their dreams but ultimately all these hurdles and hardships make them to stand strong and also make them to stand out from the crowd.

Truth is always bitter but ultimately it makes us even more stronger and make us unbeatable.

Many people fear to speak the truth due to fear but the fact is where there is truth there is no place for fear.

Truth always finds a way to win over lie.
Truth don't need any framed explanations.
Today whatever is present there in the universe is the result of truth.
Each and everything is made of truth.

There is nothing in this universe which have the power to hide the truth forever.Truth may take some time to  come out but when it comes out it conquers everything.
No one of the world does not matter how much powerful they are,or how much money they have neither they can't buy truth nor they can leave the world after doing something wrong.Each and everone bears the fruit of their deed.
People who are truthful always wins in the last.



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