Well,today we people give importance to trend rather than comfort.Is that the sign of getting modern??

We people are somehow loosing our moral values.Is that the sign of getting modern??

Day by day we are loosing our character and are trying to become someone else.Is that the sign of getting modern??
We don't have the time to talk and message our loved ones,but we do have time for posting pictures with catchy captions on social media.Is that the sign of getting modern??

We are forgetting our own culture.Is that the sign of getting modern????

We are developing traits like double standards,dishonesty.Are these the signs of getting modern????

We run away from our responsibility.Is that the sign of getting modern??

We don't even think once before talking rubbish about a person or to badmouth someone.Is that the sign of getting modern??

We take the help of drugs,alcohol,cigarettes and what not.Are these the sign of getting modern??

We lack common sense and somehow discipline is getting evicted by our day to day life.Are these the signs of getting modern???

We judge people and disrespect them without even knowing the facts and figures.Is that a sign that we are getting modern???


Well,these are some of the questions which I want to discuss today with the help of this blog.
I don't know why but isn't it strange that as we are getting more and more educated we are somehow loosing our moral values.Basically we are becoming someone who just take the help of any path,does not matter how wrong it is to win over something.Is that we are learning?? Is that something that we always boasts that we are modern?? It's a big no.
Somehow today we focus more on the trends rather than comfort.Be it in the case of lifestyle,clothes or whatever.We are just trying to impress people with our looks,clothes,way of living but what about the soul that is within us.Is it really getting happy with this way of life.Don't it shout everyday to us that it wants to be free,it wants to be it's true self.
We always talk about our busy life and lack of time for our near and dear ones.But the fact is it is all about priority.The people whom we love,basically we always take out time for them,no matter how much busy we are.
We just don't want to take anyone's responsibility.I have seen people running away even from their duty they have towards their own family and home.Let me tell you something dear modern people that is the day you are having a day off from your busy life,you can take out some time and fulfill your responsibilities towards your family.If you will wash the utensils of our home,or if you will wash the clothes,or cook for one day,or will go to the market for the grocery items,you will not be called less modern from anyone.You may have maids and people who work for you but working for your own family and house is not a burden or something that will let you down because you earn a lot and can afford people who will work for you.There are a lot many things that we can learn from our home and the people who reside in it.We do have few responsibilities towards the people who always think the best for us.
We say something and do something.The word trust is getting faded day by day.Today we have become so self centered that we don't even know who is our neighbor,saying hi and hello is way too far.
We don't respect our own culture.There are people who don't even feel proud of their mother tongue and the place where they born and grew up.I have came across people who don't even know to read and write in their mother tongue,forget about reading and writing,there are people who don't even understand and don't even know to talk in their mother tongue. 
We back stab people,badmouth them but we don't want anyone to do that with us.How hypocritical that is.
We people go for alcohol,cigarette,drugs and what not and then we will call ourselves the so called modern educated people.
The crime rates are increasing day by day.Is that how a modern and well educated society runs? It's a big NO.We need to work together to make this society a better place to live in.
We don't think twice before judging others or before disrespecting anyone or before framing things about a person without even having the facts and figures with us regarding that person.Is that how educated and so called modern people behave!!!!
We lack simple civic sense and talk about big issues.We somehow are loosing our common sense day by day.We don't think twice before reacting or before saying a thing.Discipline is said to be the key for a good life,but somehow we are loosing this lifeline day by day and are heading towards a life where discipline is not there in the picture.
Last but not the least I would like to say that getting modern is nowhere related to our clothes or our way of life or how big our car is or how much alcohol do we consume or how much outgoing we are or how many night clubs we have visited,it's our thoughts which make us modern.We need to someone with vision because that will help us to be better and better each day.
Showoff is not the sign of modernity nor is hypocrisy.We need to be a person with vision,mission and thoughts who will always try to follow the path of enlightenment. 
We need to fight with the inner demons in our society.We need to be the change.
We need to build and character with strong moral values.We need to love and respect our culture and our people.
Basically this era is witnessing hypocrisy like never before.We all need to come forward to create society where we all will be real and reel.
That sums up the blog......Thank you for reading.....



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