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Hope you are fine and doing well in your respective fields.
Basically today the purpose of mine behind writing this blog is to convey a simple message to each and everyone which reads "finding oneself".
Well,we all human beings are different from each other and have their individuality.We all have plans for our life but often very few of them get executed or we can say get execute well.
Often,we listen to others and their opinions and give more value to them rather than our own and in maximum of the cases this leads to a very unhappy life.

Well,like every other parents,my parents also had set some goals for me since that time when may be I was not having any idea regarding all these heavy terms ambitions,accomplishments and what not.Like every other parents they thought I will fulfill all their dreams that were not able to in their times.I am not saying that it's wrong but to be honest their expectations from me somewhere killed my dreams,though I live my dreams each and every day,every moment.From childhood I was very good in academics,in one word higher achiever.This lead everyone to think that I can study anything and I can become anything but there is a catch in this matter that each and every person present in this mother earth can achieve anything and everything provided they want it. 
I still remember the day my 10th results got out and I got 95 percentage.That day was remained carved on my mind not only because I did well in my exams but also because that day I told my parents that I don't want to pursue science and i want to go for commerce because I want to pursue management.This was no more than a shock for them that I don't want to pursue MEDICAL SCIENCE OR ENGINEERING,because they had set their minds up that I will take science and will go for wither MEDICAL SCIENCE OR ENGINEERING.I tried but they were not convinced.For them it was something beyond their wildest dreams.
To be honest I always thought that I will go for MEDICAL SCIENCE as my parents wants me to go for that but when I came to standard 10,I realized what actually I want to do in my life.
But may be life had other plans for me.I took science and then ended up in engineering for a secure future.Right now I am a third year student of engineering,something which I literally never wanted to study ever in my life.

All I can say is that somehow I lost myself and my dreams amidst all these chaos of success,name,fame and money.
When I joined engineering I determined to give my best.I had just one thought that I will lead a very secure and happy life after engineering.But the fact is I was hell wrong.Now this is not the fault of engineering,the truth is that I am getting frustrated and disappointed day by day because I don't have even one percent of interest in engineering.
I remember after I told my parents that I want to  go for commerce,people whom I had not seen ever before used to come and give me advises regarding my future.
I got scared.I thought everyone else is correct except myself.

Today each and every moment I feel if that day I would have tried enough without any hesitation and fear and would have talked freely with my parents may be they would have got convinced and today I would been somewhere else.

I really don't remember when for the last time I had studied any subject with interest and enthusiasm for gaining knowledge about it.From the last 5 years I am just after marks and nothing else.Basically I have not learned anything.Day by day frustration is the thing which is growing and nothing else.
When we try to be someone we are not,when we do something just because we need to,when we just care about the outcomes of what we are doing,all these collectively leads to a mechanical life which don't have any emotional connect with the work,what it knows is just how to work and when to work.

The matter of fact is there is a huge difference in being really happy and to pretend to be happy.When we pretend to be happy with our work we basically fails to give our best to it.

I don't know but somehow nowadays writing gives me a lot of happiness.Though I never wanted to become a writer but then also there is a some emotional connect I feel that I have with words.

Very few of us are really fortunate enough who get to work in their field of interest,rest of us work mechanically just for money,name and fame but never gets that satisfaction and happiness that one should get from his/her work or job.

It's true that everyone can't get the thing he/she wants but atleast we can pursue our passion so that we will not loose our trueself.

It's the need of the hour to wake up,to know what we want to become,to pursue our passions.

Generally,no one supports when we try to do something which is little offbeat or something challenging and seems to be difficult.But that does not mean that we should give up,rather we should work more harder to achieve what we want because our work speaks when our words get lost somewhere in the chaos of voices which are trying to put us down.

Basically I have learned one thing that complaining won't help,we need to work work and work for achieving what we want.

Many a times standing alone do helps.I believe when we learn to walk alone even in the darkest hours,we basically learn to fight no matter what the situation is.

Today I can say one thing that it's really important to give utmost importance to our own thoughts rather than others.We should listen our own voice first.
When we discover ourself,when we get to know which voices we need to listen,when we start giving importance to our dreams and instincts we really lead a very happy life where is there happiness,relief and satisfaction.

Someone have true said that when we discover ourselves,that what we are and what we want,no one can let us down.

Through this blog I would like to say that we all should give an honest try to our dreams.Our parents and loved ones will never want our bad.We just need to make sure that we explain our vision,our dreams to our parents in such a way that they will believe in us and our dreams.

We really need to believe ourselves more than anyone else in this whole world.

Most importantly we should never let our dreams to fade away from our minds,our dreams basically help us to live each and every moment of our life.When we live a life where we just work mechanically without any emotional connect with our work,without any dreams we eventually loose ourselves.

When we live our dreams we basically find ourselves. 

Last but not the least I will sum up this blog today with one of the poems that I wrote.


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