Well,feminism and women empowerment are one of the most sought after topics in today's world.Almost every man today projects himself as someone who is really concerned about women rights and empowerment on social media and all.But is that their true picture?

I guess it's a big no,their reel and real pictures are entirely different.
I don't know what I really need to call these double faced men for their attitude but one thing is for sure that these are those people who will always try to put women down in every way possible but not infront of everyone,which is a way more dangerous.
I really don't know what's the issue with these men,but one thing is for sure that they just can't take it when they come across women who carved in their names in gold on the pages of history with their outstanding work.
We talk a lot on the International women's day that we need to do this,we need to do that and what not regarding women empowerment but the irony is that still our roads are not safe.
All men are not rapists but the fact is that today also we women fear to move out alone at night due to them only.Almost every women have faced eve teasing in their life.Some talk about it some don't.
Few days ago a caption called #metoo got viral on the social media,but does that brought any change in our society,does that brought any change on the minds of these men who just know how to trouble women.
 Why still we all are silent about it in our real lives and are vocal about it on social media? We need to wake up and act,it's not the time for women for becoming reactive,it's the time to become proactive.
We women need to talk,hustle about it.We need to make sure that our voices will be heard.
I don't understand why always our society blames a women rather than that man who was the culprit.I have seen women blaming other women rather than blaming the man.I really want to tell those women that they should really self introspect regarding their state of mind.
I come across a lot of posts where men who talk about women empowerment posts pictures or write ups on women which may look funny but they actually insult women.What is the fun about talking on the body parts of a women.Do you men come across these kinds of rubbish against you by any women? It's basically a big no.
 When you people who call themselves MEN groped a girl in broad daylight or in the darkest hour of the night,did you ever thought what will happen if the same thing will happen with you.Won't you feel disgusted when someone will try to touch you against your wishes.I don't know what really makes you a man when you do these disgusting things.
Now people will talk about sexual attraction,now let me tell those people that it's a very natural thing that women and men will be attracted towards each other,but does attraction means that men can do whatever they want.Who gave you the rights to touch a women against her wishes? How dare you that you look at us with those eyes having only lust and hunger for the body of the women.Don't you feel disgusted if the same will happen to you?
I have seen a lot of boys drawing female body parts and then joking with each other regarding that,now I really want to ask what's funny in this.Have you ever come across girls who draw your body parts and then make fun of it? It's a big no.
Basically you guys should go and get a life.You talk about women empowerment.Basically ypu should first go and learn how to respect a women.
A women's body is not an object that you objectify it,make fun of it.
Have you men ever thought that what kind of society you are making for your daughters.Don't you have shame? Basically you don't.
What kind of society this is where we talk about women's rights but still women have to face the wrath of the society when the culprit is someone else.What kind of society we are making for our daughters? What kind of examples basically you men are setting up for the future men of this mother earth.
Law and order can't do anything until we will try to make a better society for women.
Why parents still fear when their daughters go out alone.Can't we set a society where every women is respected.
You men fold your hands infront of the goddess who is also a women then why you don't respect women.
I am not saying that every man is a molester,that every man is a rapists but those are men who rape women,who molests women.
Many men blames the dress of a women when something unfortunate happens with her,i really want to ask you have you ever seen a women sexualizing your body when you wear just a trouser and come out of your home.No right?
You can come out in just a trouser and you blame we women even when we are well dresses.First go and stand infront  the mirror and ask yourself whether you are real man or not.
No man can even imagine that pain of that a women go through when you men touch them without their consent.
I don't understand when a women say a no to a man for the marriage proposal,why do the man thinks it's an insult for him.
We all come across news regarding acid attacks,rapes happened just because the women said  no to the man for the marriage.I mean how disgusting and in-human is that.
I have many a times heard boys talking rubbish and disgusting stuffs regarding female private body parts with their friends.I really want to ask what makes you talk rubbish regarding us.Don't you think that you are also born from a female.
There is basically a limit to everything.This needs to get stop.
How dare a boy that he speaks rubbish regarding women's body?How dare they that they touch women against their consent?How dare they objectify the body of a women?
Men and women both are the part of this society and we all need to work for the betterment of it.
Talking on social media don't helps but if you men will try to make a better society in true sense for women it will definitely help.
I would like to tell those men who pass disgusting comments on women,who looks at women with lust,go and check whether you are a man or not.Because real men don't behave like that.
Have you ever seen we women passing disgusting comments on you when you passes by? No right.Then what makes you behave like that with a woman.
We saw how women came out and joined the movement with # metoo on social media,but still did that brought any change in our society.Men who were supporting women and women empowerment,what happened to you.What happened to that man inside you who was talking on women's right? 
Last but not the least I would like to conclude my blog by saying that women please wake up and fight for your rights.Enough is enough.We only give birth to these men then why we need to fear them.We just need to be proactive.We just need to take what is ours.We need to speak for ourselves otherwise what will happen to our daughters.We need to make sure that these men get it in their big fat heads that we women are not an object,we are human beings as well.




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