Hello readers!!!!! Hope you all are well and good. 
Today I thought to put and share a viewpoint of mine in front of all of you,which eventually as you will read the blog you will come to know.
Well,I guess for all of us our mom is the most loved person in our life.We all generally attach the words love,care,affection with the most beautiful word of the word MOTHER.It is said that everywhere god cannot be there to protect us,that's why god created mothers.
But let me ask you one thing and yeah please be very honest while answering it and the question is ''WHO IS THAT PERSON LIKE WHOM YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WILL GROW UP?''

Most of you will tell the name of some famous personalities from a particular fields whose life story have inspired you and there is nothing wrong in it.Even when I was a kid I also used to have names of famous personalities while answering the above question.But as I grew up I understood one fact that there is nothing more motivating and inspiring than a mother who inspires and motivates and supports you in each and every thing,yeah that's true that everything is not perfect.

Okay let me give a brief introduction about my mom.Well,My mom is a 49 year old,graduated(was average in studies) homemaker.
Now in this above given one line description about my mom,did you guys found anything motivating????

I guess that's a tough question for you all.Neither my mom was an university topper nor she is some working woman.Basically if you look like that there is no motivating factor.I guess in our country we never associate the words inspiring and motivating with the word homemaker,because they are not the bread earners for their home.

Now there is one thing that i would like to tell you all that I neither want to be a homemaker in the near future nor I am someone who sits at home and talk.I was always a very bright student and now I study engineering in one of the best colleges of my country.

You know we all fascinate the word MANAGER,isn't it.But you know we have the best manager in our home and that is our mom.Now let me ask you who is the best manager,the best manager is someone who knows each and every stuff of his/her workplace the best,Correct right.

So,tell me one thing who knows our home and it's stuff the best,our mom right.She knows  in detail how much grocery items we have,how much we require every month,how much we need or we will need on a daily basis,where each and every item is kept,when the groceries present in our home will get over,she knows what each and every person of the family likes and dislikes,she comes to know about our mood just by looking at our facial expressions,she knows what we do when we are happy or sad and what not.Basically she knows each and every nerve of us and our home the best.That's why she is the best manager of the world and the manager of our home.When she is alright everything in our home remains as it is otherwise we all know that we are just pathetic in remembering even our own things.

You know we quarrel with our mom,we get angry on each other,but there is that lovely connection that we have with our mom which make us forget everything and at the end of the day it is her lap where we find our solace.

I guess when we are at the lowest point of my life,it is her motivating words which makes me feel better not the motivating words of any motivating speaker.
When we need someone to say us that everything will be alright,we just want our moms to say that.Like every word of her is the ultimate truth of the word.

In our country homemakers never get the respect they deserve because they don't get a salary but I guess their job is something which neither have holidays nor salary and the irony is that they work 24*7 for us still people say she don't work.Just imagine if one day she will take a leave for her job will we be able to have a smooth life which we enjoy.I guess it's a big no.

I guess every mom was given some ultimate power that they have patience and softness in their behavior but at the same time when it is required she is a strict teacher also.
It is generally said that at one point of life mothers and daughters become the best friends.I guess women will be able to relate to me in this case.

Yeah that is true that a homemaker don't earn the money which is required for having the things that we need for a living but isn't it the matter of fact that homemakers runs the house and they are the CEO's of our homes who knows what,when and how to do a thing that it will be the best for the members of the family.

My mom always tell me one thing that I need to financially independent,I need to be something worth it in my life because we women are not only someone's daughter,someone's wife and someone's mom,we are also human beings who have ambitions.

I guess if we will talk to a woman who is a homemaker,we will come to know that the word homemaker don't have the motivation and inspiration in it though they are someone who keep us going in our life.

I don't know if ever in my life I will be able to develop that level of patience and love that my mom have,but one thing is for sure that she is someone who keeps me going in my life.Yeah there are many things on which my mom's and my thoughts conflicts but ultimately she is someone who understands me the best. 

Through this blog of mine I would like to say that it may be the thing that many of us don't have working moms but you know they also deserve the same respect that other glorious professions of this world gets.

Last but not the least a big HATS OFF to all the moms who sacrificed their whole life for her family without any hesitation.Never ever think that you are less in any thing than the bread earner of your house.If the bread earners purchase the bread for us then you are the one who cook and serve it to us does not matter what is the time and the weather there.

You are equally important or I should say more important.The house was just made up of bricks and cement,it was you who made it home and eventually it became the heaven for us.




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