Hello readers!!! Happy New Year to you all.Hope you all are doing well.
This is the first blog written by me in this new year,so I thought to have a conversation with you all with the help of this blog.

Well,in a society where males have always dominated over women it's really not digestible for many men out there to get the fact in their heads that women also do have the same rights as them in this society.

I have seen this very keenly that almost every man whosoever he is,deep down there in his heart he still have the thing that this world is for them to rule,to be honest they just can't take it when they see women rising their voices for justice,for their rights.

But I guess men are not fully responsible that they have these kind of chauvinistic attitude in them,basically our so called cultured society is also responsible for this,because it's the rules that it had set for men and women which have always preferred men.We all have to go a long way to erase this attitude of men and our society towards women.

Someone have true said that if we want to change our society in a better way around then we all need to work together for it because it is us who represents our society. 

How we will be able to create a society which treats a women with respect and give them the rights and justice that they deserve when the men will not take any initiative from their side.

I am not saying that each and every man wants to dominate over women,I just want to say that they need to support women in their journey to achieve the respect and justice they deserve.Why do men fear when a woman becomes independent financially? I guess the answer is that men have understood that if women will become financially independent then men will not be able to dominate over women.

Now the thing is that there are many places where girls are not allowed to go to school,they are married at a very young age,are abused physically and mentally.These things don't let women to become financially independent in their life and ultimately they depend on their parents,spouses for food,house and clothes.

When we talk of establishing gender equality we need to start from our homes.We need to teach the young boys that women are not at all inferior than men,we all are equal.
But this is really difficult because still in many places the birth of a girl is not celebrated.The irony over here is the person who is giving birth is also a women,still women are not considered equal to men.I guess people have forgotten that they fold their hands infront of a goddess when they face any problem in their lives.

We talk of gender equality but still our roads are not safe.We are organizing campaigns,we are talking on social media and media channels regarding safety of women,we all are so concerned regarding women safety,we have laws to protect women but still we are not able to make our roads safe for the women.Basically people need to change their minds,they need to have the thought that women are equal to men,then only I guess we will to be able to establish a society where there is gender equality.
Basically in our society it is taught that men are superior to women which ultimately make men to think that they can do whatever they want with women.Honestly speaking we need to fight with this mentality.

If still some men think that they will again be able to dominate over women,then let me tell them that this is not going to happen,we will not let you do whatever you want just because you have got the tag of being superior to women from our so called cultured society.

Last but not the least I would like to share one real story with you all:

That day is still afresh in my mind.I was in standard 8 and our teacher asked us regarding the educational qualification of our mother.There were very few among whom I was also there whose mom was a graduate.That day was an eye opener.

Every time kids are asked about the profession of their father,in very few cases I have seen that a kid is asked regarding the profession of his/her mother.
I hope that our next generation will be asked both regarding the profession of their dad and mom.
May this new year brings the rays of hope and open the doors of success to women for whom education is still an illusion.
This year I wish that we all will be able to bring out some positive changes in our lives which will be an eye opener for many.
Let's make a society where the burden of earning the bread will not be only on a man an the tag of housewife will make every women feel proud.
I hope one day will come when the kids will be asked "what is the profession of your mother? "





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