Hello readers,today in this blog I am going to share my roller coaster journey in the field of cooking.

Well,I guess most of us love to eat and are big foodies but when it comes to cook and then eat,it really get on our nerves.But the fact I realized in due course of time is that cooking is really fun and a big stress buster if we take a little bit of interest in it.Well,I can't assure but I can surely say that cooking is something everyone should know so that they will not remain empty stomach if there is no one in his/her house at that moment to cook for him/her.

So here is my story.......

I just used to get irritated with the name of cooking but here the irony is I am a big foodie.I love my mom's hand made food and whenever she used to go somewhere for a few days it really used to get on my nerves.My dad also cooks well,but of course not like my mom.So basically those days when she used to for a couple of days for some work I used to remain either empty stomach or else I used to skip my meals.But few months ago I realized that this is really not going to help,I need to learn a bit for myself.
I remember that I used to be someone for whom cooking used to be the last thing on earth.I just knew to make tea,coffee and noodles and yeah omelette which used to be tasteless.

 I remember that even the thought of cooking used to be irritating to me.
But now whenever I cook I really get happy,because it's something that really freshens my mind.

Few months ago also I used to burn the food whenever I used to cook.But I realized one fact that when you cook something and people like it,it feels great.
I am not a too good cook but yeah now I love cooking,it's something really refreshing.

Now I really appreciate all the people who cook for their family and themselves.I used to think cooking as the most irritating job in this world,but now I guess cooking really give happiness.

Cooking also make us independent,because if we will know cooking then we don't have to depend on someone for having cooked food.

 I remember saying that I will never ever cook in my life and will hire a cook to cook food for me.My mom never told me to learn cooking but yeah she do used to say that one should know cooking for their betterment,because if someone knows how to cook,then he/she don't have to starve because they have no one to serve them with the cooked food.But now whenever I remain free I do cook.Now I also do realize the importance of knowing cooking in someone's life.

Last but not the least cooking is one of the most unexpected thing happened in my life because this journey of mine, where in the beginning I used to get bored with just the idea of cooking,now I really enjoy cooking.It's like a brand new experience which provides me refreshment.



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