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Well we all are aware that 8th march is celebrated as International Women's day,oops!! sorry,let me correct myself,it's HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN"S DAY!!!!!

But is it really happy and worth celebrating.

Our roads are not safe after 8 P.M,cases of domestic violence and dowry deaths are increasing day by day,girls are not allowed to complete their education,women are molested,raped and here we are talking about women's day that too happy.What an irony!!!!

The journey of we women from remaining confined in the four walls of the kitchen to conquering the skies was not a fairy tale,to be honest it was never a cakewalk for we women to set out of our homes to be something,to get our identity,to prove ourselves.
The struggle women went through since years elocutes the never ending saga of trailblazer women.It's true that the struggle from becoming something from nothing was cumbersome,at times we got fed up,it got extremely tiresome,we broke,we cried but we never stopped.We kept moving ahead and that is the the reason why we women are able to get the deserved position in the society.

 Well the slogans and rhetorics don't help,nor do organizations,neither do campaigns and strikes,laws don't inculcate humanity and the advertisements with catchy captions don't make we women to feel safe,but yeah a mindset can.A mindset which understands that feminism is all about equality,a mindset who respect women and supports them in their journey.

According to our so called well cultured,educated society a women is always known by her father's name before getting married,and is known by her husband's name after getting married,this is the norm we need to break.We need to live our life with only our identity.Are we women born only to be known by the names of our fathers an husbands,where are our names,our identity.We need to make sure that our identity will not get lost in the web of this patriarchal society.

And for that we need to wake up,act and never stop from achieving our goals.We need to become the game changer.It's enough now for we women to always live under the dominance of male chauvinism and the patriarchal society which have always restricted women in each and everything and always have set boundaries for we women which have let our wings to learn,how to fly with confidence in the sky.

Every second,minute,hour,day is ours to conquer the world.
A mother,a daughter,a sister,a wife,a friend,we women have always played every role given to us by the almighty with grace,compassion and sincerity. 

The people of this patriarchal society have forgotten that we women have the womb of the world.If we will not be there then no creation,no new life is possible at all on this mother earth.

Why we women fear???

 Whom do we fear???

Why we women restrict ourselves???

Why we women need a man in our life to fulfill our dreams???

Why we women need to follow the norms and boundaries set up for us by this patriarchal society???

Why can't we break all the shackles that stop us from moving ahead???

Why we women are considered as objects???

Are we only there on this mother earth for sex and pleasure and producing babies???
We have always walked on the embers and have always proved ourselves.We women don't need a man to fulfill our wishes,we need a man to be with us as our friend who always supports us,doesn't matter what the circumstances are. 

 That day will truly be celebrated as international women's day and that too HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY when each and and every women of this world will feel safe and secure,will become fearless.

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Unbreakable,we women.


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