Hello readers,hope you all are well.Today I am going to share my experience regarding decision making of my life.
Well,I belong to a Bengali middle class family where we have fish and rice and a lot of sweets.That's not the end of the day,we are also the people for whom education holds the prime importance.
I being a bright student was always on radar of my relatives.People don't call on birthdays but do call when my marks got out.
I don't know but somehow my life is not what I wanted and I desired for.Yes,it's true that everyone can't get everything in their life but then also we should have the freedom for making choices in our life. 
I got a cgpa 10 in standard ten and guess what I got a label that I am going to be a science student who will later go for medical or else engineering,not less than that.
No one asked what I wanted.
I always dreamt of a life where everything is on the track,but as soon as I went to standard 11,my life went topsy turvy.
Basically we human don't let our mind to speak up,we always go for success.never thinks that success don't come to them who runs behind it rather it comes to them who just go with the flow in their life with their work.
I thought engineering will give me an edge over others,but,somehow I lost my mental peace.This is not something that I want to do in my life.I wanted a life where there roads are smooth,little did I knew that the road will also have road bumps.
These three years of my engineering taught me nothing but gave me the power to handle unnecessary stress and worries.
I don't really remember what I have studied in this four years of engineering.
If three years before I would have chosen my happiness before materialistic happiness,I am sure today I would have been someone who have adequate knowledge in her field.
My mind was never excited about engineering,rather it was just excited because it thought that after four years life will be a bed of roses,but somehow the mind forgot that roses do have thorns too.
I have got such power to handle insults that even I am amazed with this quality of mine.
I am not blaming anyone here,I just wanted to convey that the decisions that we take in our life affect our life and leaves an impact,for example will I be ever able to remove the tag of an engineer from me.No right!!
Will I get my golden 5 years back.no right!!!
That's why while making decisions think holistically,don't run after success,if you wanna run them run behind your passion does not matter what people say.Because these people will never be there to wipe your tears.
Had I would have taken humanities and would have done bachelors in english,may be I would have not got a lavish job,but I would have got a life that I dream to live.
What's the meaning of life without happiness.
Engineering was never my cup of tea still I decided to go for it because of the stars it have got imprinted on it's back,I forgot that everyone have different stars.
I don't know if I have ever hated anyone more than I hate engineering.Engineering is not that bad,the basic thing is I am not good enough for it.
The girl who used to top the class,now remains happy with just passing marks.Horrendous know!!!
All my friends who will be reading this blog today let e tell you that you have the ultimate potential,don't let your passion burn into ashes in the fire and fade in the smoke,do hardwork and trust me your passion will take you to heights.
If today I would have studied what I loved,may be my life would have been the happiest one,but ironically there is nothing going well.
A person can fight in a war only when he knows how to face the enemies,weapons don't make someone to win a war but yeah a mind which shout aloud and think calmly can.
Amidst the voices of the society somewhere our voice got faded.We ran,we chased but success kept on running away from us because we were trying it wrong. 
Life is not always that difficult that we think.
If we can have the solution in an easier way then why to go for the tough ones.
If 5 years ago I would have let my mind shout aloud then today I would have not been writing this blog and would have led a life where depression pills don't exist.
Nevertheless,when we wake up that's morning for us.
Let your mind shout aloud,but yeah also take your heart with it so that there will be resonance between them and driving on the zig zag roads of life will get smoother.
Don't let others decide your fate.take evryone's opinion but always listen to your mind and decipher the thoughts going through it,trust me life will become much easy and breezy and sassy too.
Thank you for reading my blog.


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